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Garden crafting

So, whilst perusing Ikea yesterday i spotted a stack of wooden crates and i thought to myself they may look great in my garden if i could find some nice colours to paint them. I’m currently going with a bit of a tropical them so bright turquoise and pink etc…. They were £9 each which for the quality of them thought was a good price (you can get them cheaper).20170716_144243

After Ikea it was a trip to B&Q to try and find a small pot of paint for it and i found the perfect colour, Summer Sky from Ronseal and a small tin was £3.97, perfect.


It was fairly easy to put together although i did get one of the ends the wrong way round and had to take it off and turn it around, typical for me!


The painting seemed to take forever! It didn’t get it was about 45 degrees(well 25 but felt hotter!) but it dried well and i was able to add a couple of coats in quick time really. It says apply 3 coats but 2 was enough for me.

I’m chuffed with the colour. It really goes well with my theme. This was a bit of a test so i’ve left it just painted but with a bit more time i’d probably jazz it up a bit with some lettering or something. 20170717_11581320170717_115807

Happy Painting!

Crate – Ikea 
Paint – Ronseal from B&Q
Bottom containers – The Range
Garden Herb pot – Asda
Turquoise Mosaic pot – Matalan 

Food & Drink

Pass me the coffee!

I absolutely love my coffee! I couldn’t possibly function daily without it. It’s definitely my go to drink. I rarely drink other hot drinks other than the odd cup of tea but i really have to be in the mood for that. If i’m out it’s generally a Latte or a Flat White and usually always either Starbucks or Caffe Nero (Costa is just way too weak).

Usually in a morning i reach for the easiest which is Nescafe Azera. Before this i used to use the instant granules but since i started to use this i could never have a normal coffee again. This is the middle ground. Has the instant coffee hit and doesn’t taste dissimilar to a filter coffee.20170714_162055

Today whilst shopping in Asda i spotted some new coffee (well new to me!) and as it was only £2.50 i thought if i didn’t like it then i hadn’t wasted an exorbitant amount of cash. Well no, no thank you Asda. It’s way to bitter and harsh for my liking. On first appearance it looks like a filter coffee but does disperse well in water. It left a really horrible taste in my mouth so that will be resigned to the cupboard as a backup to my back up if ever i run out (in other words it’ll still be there in a couple of years).


Throughout the day it’s filter coffee for me these days. I only used to make it about once every weeks but since coming back from the States where it’s the staple drink (and they always seem to get it right!) i have found myself making some if not every day then every other day. My go to blend is the House Blend from Starbucks. I love it. It’s a smooth, rich taste and you don’t need too much for a nice deep cuppa. I don’t actually like it too strong but it’s easy to add a bit of water if you’ve added too much coffee. I used to use a cafetiere but these days i use my trusty peculator, it’s just really easy.


Occasionally if i really want filter coffee but i’m pressed for time i’ll get out my drip feeder. This means i can get a good cup of coffee but fairly quickly.


Right, time to take 10 minutes to sit with a bit of TV and this beaut before i have to make dinner!


Garden makeover in progress

Do you ever start something and then realise you don’t have any before pictures? Yes that would be me.
Now this isn’t a huge project but it’s definitely in need of some TLC!


It’s kind of split into 3 sections, the top which is way in a mess and needs digging and things planting. I used to grow my own veg but haven’t for a few years so it’s been neglected. There are established plants on the right hand side and i’d like to do the same on the left. We’ve just hired a skip and moved all the crap that’s built up over the last 6 months from it like tree cuttings and weeds.

Then there’s the lawn, which is actually more weeds and clover than grass. Ideally it would be relaid but for now i think weed and feed will have to suffice. We’re also in the process of taking the ivy off the garden. That stuff gets everywhere and it’s so damaging. It’s made its way into the garage through the floor and the walls! It’s pretty indestructible stuff! We also want to replace the little brick wall with maybe some sleepers as the wall is leaning and will fall at some point.

And the last 3rd is the part we do actually use during the summer and we look out onto it from the new kitchen which we use a lot more. I wanted something bright and tropical seems to be the in thing at the moment and seems to be everywhere. We’ve just had a new fence and gate put up on one side and i’m not sure whether to paint it, stain it or leave it so watch this space. I need more plants to really get a summer vibe going and have bought a bird feeder and a bee hotel to hopefully bring some more wildlife into the garden. We used to have a resident Squirrel but i think he must have died as he hasn’t been seen in months which i’m really sad about. I used to call him Cyril and he would take monkey nuts from my hand. Take a look at the header of my Blog, there’s a picture of him. We’ve also had hedgehogs, field mice and many birds as well as a local Indian ringneck parakeet!

Hope you like the pictures!

Plants  – B&Q and Wentworth Garden Centre
Cushion and Adventure sign – Matalan
Blanket and table runner – Ikea