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Sorry I’ve been quiet! In my defence i have been on holiday so not i’m back i shall make sure i’m making more of an effort.

While i was away i forgot my hair straighteners. For anyone with thick wavy hair like me you will appreciate that hair straighteners are a must and so i had to go buy some. I’m not a GHD girl, i don’t see the need to spend £100+ on some when some a third of the cost do the same job.

These are my trusty Babyliss straighteners that i forgot. Think they were about £30 and as you can see they are a bit battered but work great and have 3 different heat settings. Now i’m home these will be my go to straighteners and the new ones i bought will be the back up as i haven’t ever found anything to beat them and i’ve tried GHD and Cloud 9 ones.


So this is my review of the Phil Smith Be Gorgeous straighteners i bought from Sainsburys. They cost £30 and were the ones that looked the nearest to what i had.20170815_182139


The plates are a decent size and worked well with my thick hair. However, unlike my Babyliss ones they do drag a little bit and pull the hair but not too much. They’re designed well with a really long cord and are very light weight. However the place above the buttons where you put your thumb can get a bit hot so you have to be careful. They have 3 buttons, the right hand one for turning it on and also this has the feature to lock them so you can’t accidentally turn them off or adjust the heat, this is ace as i’m always turning my Babyliss ones off. They start at a heat of 180 and go up to 230 so a great range. I have thick hair and 210 works brill for me.


Also the heat mat that comes with them is tiny, i’d have loved something bigger.

They do work really well and for £30 you really can’t go wrong, especially as i have thick hair. I’d give them a 4 out of 5.


Hair & Beauty

REVIEW – Umberto Giannini Miracle Worker Smooth Serum


I’ve always strived to have sleek, shiny hair but unfortunately it’s not to be, well not without a lot of effort.
Mum always used to cut my hair short when i was little, well when i was a teenager, she said it would make my hair thicker and she was right! I have enough hair on my head for a few people!
My hair is thick, course and very wavy. If i leave it after washing and don’t put on any treatment i resemble ‘Humidity Monica’ from Friends……you know the one right??

frizzActually this was my hair after i’d added the serum but let my hair dry naturally. It tamed it immediately and to be fair if i’d wanted a tousled look i could have added a bit more and probably left it as it was.

As most women will probably agree we spend a small fortune on products in the art of perfection. This serum wasn’t cheap at £8 but if something works it’s money well spent isn’t it?! There’s currently a deal on at Boots for 3 items for £15 so i took advantage of trying a few things.

So, a bit about the serum. You get 75ml of this clear serum and the instructions tell you to apply 4 to 8 pumps depending on hair length. I have thick shoulder length hair and have been using way less than that to get the desired affect (about 3 or 4 pumps max).
The serum is what you’d expect from a serum, thick and syrupy, clear and has a beautiful fragrance. After applying to my damp hair i usually leave it to dry naturally unless i’m in a rush. Once dry i use my trusty Babyliss straighteners on a medium heat to style.



20170720_071803.jpgI have to say my hair has never been softer! Usually my ends feel like straw but not with this, it’s probably one of the best hair products I’ve used and I’ve tried a lot. I will most definitely be buying this again. It’s definitely one of those staple hair products everyone should have!