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Junk/Craft Room

I live in your standard 3 bed semi. It isn’t very big but it’s fine for our needs (there are only 3 of us).
I’m lucky enough that hubby let me have the spare room for my craft room. I’ve crafted for yrs but i can’t actually remember when it was. I think it must have been after my son was born so maybe 12 or so years. I predominantly scrapbook but also make cards and some other arty stuff which i’m sure i’ll share more of at some point. Here’s a few things i have made…..

Anyway, back to what i was talking about……my craft room. Since starting the kitchen, well actually probably since before Christmas, i haven’t crafted at all. I lost my Dad in November and haven’t had the inclination to do anything, and since my craft room became a storage/dump it/throw everything in there cause you don’t use it room it’s literally been a dump! Here, i mean take a look, this was my room this morning, i actually feel quite embarrassed just showing you!


Yesterday i bought a new scrapbook album from Hobbycraft and i’m determined to document our Florida photos from the last few years. So i set to work making it cosy again and it’s done! I’ve moved things, thrown things away that needed throwing away years ago, dusted and hoovered and it feels so much better. I need to sort out my cubed storage as there is stuff in there i’ve not used for years but it’s certainly ready for me to get crafting again and i can’t wait.



Here’s to actually doing something productive, although with it coming up to the kids school holidays who knows if i’ll actually find the time!

Happy Tuesday!

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Garden crafting

So, whilst perusing Ikea yesterday i spotted a stack of wooden crates and i thought to myself they may look great in my garden if i could find some nice colours to paint them. I’m currently going with a bit of a tropical them so bright turquoise and pink etc…. They were £9 each which for the quality of them thought was a good price (you can get them cheaper).20170716_144243

After Ikea it was a trip to B&Q to try and find a small pot of paint for it and i found the perfect colour, Summer Sky from Ronseal and a small tin was £3.97, perfect.


It was fairly easy to put together although i did get one of the ends the wrong way round and had to take it off and turn it around, typical for me!


The painting seemed to take forever! It didn’t get it was about 45 degrees(well 25 but felt hotter!) but it dried well and i was able to add a couple of coats in quick time really. It says apply 3 coats but 2 was enough for me.

I’m chuffed with the colour. It really goes well with my theme. This was a bit of a test so i’ve left it just painted but with a bit more time i’d probably jazz it up a bit with some lettering or something. 20170717_11581320170717_115807

Happy Painting!

Crate – Ikea 
Paint – Ronseal from B&Q
Bottom containers – The Range
Garden Herb pot – Asda
Turquoise Mosaic pot – Matalan