Living room revamp

Just call me a blog neglector!

In my defence i’ve been ill and seriously felt like crap since last Thursday when i began with a sore throat and ended up at the emergency doctors on Sunday with a chest infection.
Anyway i think i’m on the mend. I don’t suppose i did myself any favours by building 2 bookcases and a TV Bench on Friday after my Ikea delivery but you know what it’s like when you have new stuff to build!
While there was nothing wrong with my bookcases and TV Bench i just felt the room could be brighter and just wanted things tidying up a bit.
So here is before, i really can’t believe the difference……

As you can see it’s fairly dark wood. I also had the surround sound system which i’ve now given away as i never used it. My books had started to breed and just looked messy.


Isn’t Ikea furniture great? I find it really easy to put together although i did go wrong a couple of times. This is painted wood as well, not MDF so great value for money i think.

And how does it look now??

So i love it, and it makes the room look totally different. Now to find a little white console table!

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