Garden makeover in progress

Do you ever start something and then realise you don’t have any before pictures? Yes that would be me.
Now this isn’t a huge project but it’s definitely in need of some TLC!


It’s kind of split into 3 sections, the top which is way in a mess and needs digging and things planting. I used to grow my own veg but haven’t for a few years so it’s been neglected. There are established plants on the right hand side and i’d like to do the same on the left. We’ve just hired a skip and moved all the crap that’s built up over the last 6 months from it like tree cuttings and weeds.

Then there’s the lawn, which is actually more weeds and clover than grass. Ideally it would be relaid but for now i think weed and feed will have to suffice. We’re also in the process of taking the ivy off the garden. That stuff gets everywhere and it’s so damaging. It’s made its way into the garage through the floor and the walls! It’s pretty indestructible stuff! We also want to replace the little brick wall with maybe some sleepers as the wall is leaning and will fall at some point.

And the last 3rd is the part we do actually use during the summer and we look out onto it from the new kitchen which we use a lot more. I wanted something bright and tropical seems to be the in thing at the moment and seems to be everywhere. We’ve just had a new fence and gate put up on one side and i’m not sure whether to paint it, stain it or leave it so watch this space. I need more plants to really get a summer vibe going and have bought a bird feeder and a bee hotel to hopefully bring some more wildlife into the garden. We used to have a resident Squirrel but i think he must have died as he hasn’t been seen in months which i’m really sad about. I used to call him Cyril and he would take monkey nuts from my hand. Take a look at the header of my Blog, there’s a picture of him. We’ve also had hedgehogs, field mice and many birds as well as a local Indian ringneck parakeet!

Hope you like the pictures!

Plants  – B&Q and Wentworth Garden Centre
Cushion and Adventure sign – Matalan
Blanket and table runner – Ikea 

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