Review – Milly Johnson – The Queen of Wishful Thinking

Who doesn’t love a good feel good read, but with a difference. Whilst this is definitely that it also has many sub plots that consistently made me want to shout at the characters in the book as well as making me feel anxious at times and ultimately bringing me to tears! Not many books have made me do that. I remember one book ‘The Story of Us‘ by Dani Atkins doing just that and the only other one i can remember is another by Milly called ‘It’s Raining Men‘. I finished it in the bath and when my husband walked in and saw me crying i had to tell him i had soap in my eye or he’d call me a daft sod haha!


The characters in this book are really believable. Some you love, some you hate and others you just wish you could meet and have a cuppa with.
Without giving the plot away the book ultimately has two likable main characters, Lew and Bonnie, who both lead very different lives although they are very similar people behind the exterior. The story shows how their lives, although very different become intertwined.
This book leaves you teetering on the edge, waiting for more on each turn of the page. The chapters aren’t too long which i really like in a book. It was so descriptive i could imagine what the inside of Stephens house and then Bonnie’s house looked like as if i’d seen a photograph.
I was so disappointed when it ended but loved the little Epilogue.
Now what i would really love is a continuation of the story so come on Milly, lets have another one!

You can buy Milly’s book here or at other leading book stores.

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