First Post stress..


This blogging lark can be a bit scary can’t it?

I mean, I’ve blogged before but that was just about daily life and lots of boring stuff.
I’ve always enjoyed writing. In fact i love to put pen to paper when i can as i think we’ve forgotten the art of the written word these days what with technology being as it is. Suppose it’s a bit like talking to people, i mean who actually does that these days!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while but there’s so much involved these days if you want people to actually read it.  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram….. you have to be savvy with them all don’t you?!
So why do i want to start this blog?
Well as i said i love writing and generally if I’ve done something, made something or bought something  new i like to share my experiences. I’m a big believer in telling people my experience, be that good or bad and i also love to read what other people think. I always take to TripAdvisor for instance if i plan on making a trip. Reviews are a great thing!
So what’s this blog about……well a bit of everything really. Reviews about everyday things, sharing my baking, crafts, home design, lifestyle, parenting…..the list is endless really. I just hope i don’t make it too boring!
So, i’m off to think about my next post, my new kitchen i think with lots of pictures! Off to put the kettle on!
See you later with a cuppa!

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